Tenant Handbook

Green Services

Recycling Services

As part of the standard single stream recycling program, Boston Properties provides desk side recycle bins to all customer employees. These are provided free of charge for mixed paper, bottles, cans, and plastics, which are picked up nightly Monday-Friday.

In addition, we offer larger slim jim bins often used in copy rooms or common areas for purchase and even larger wheeled recycling hampers for use during special activities such as office cleanouts. Please contact the management office for a proposal.

The following recycling services are also available to customers:

  • Collection and transfer of recycling materials; wood, metal, paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Computer and office equipment
  • Batteries
  • Furniture disposal 

Energy Conservation Retrofits

  • Lighting: Lower wattage lamps that provide the same light are available for use in many circumstances. Our engineers can retrofit your fixtures so that these lamps will be able to be used, thus reducing electrical usage.
  • Occupancy sensors: These devices detect when a person is working in a room or office. After a room has been empty for a certain time, they will automatically turn off the lights, again reducing the electrical demand on the space.
  • Water saving devices: faucets, toilets, etc. in some cases fixtures in customer spaces can be retrofitted with lower flow devices that aid in water conservation.


  • Dry method carpet cleaning and maintenance uses 95% less water and significantly less electricity than standard carpet cleaning systems.
  • Upholstery cleaning 

Please contact the management office with any questions or to receive a proposal.