Tenant Handbook

Repairs and Maintenance


  • Furniture and office system assembly and repair
  • Wall surface repairs
  • Installation of door kick plates
  • Installation of white boards, cork boards, pictures and artwork
  • Signs and directory manufacturing, installation and maintenance
  • Caulking replacement
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of doors, windows, counter tops, and drywall partitions
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of ceiling tiles, moldings and trim
  • Furniture restoration


  • Emergency light/exit sign repair
  • Light bulb change and relamping
  • Circuit tracing and identification
  • Energy saving recommendations
  • Weekly test operation of customer emergency generators
  • Annual customer generator service
  • Infrared scanning
  • Electrical transformer maintenance
  • Installation, repair and relocation of light fixtures, switches, receptacles, and circuit breakers
  • Disconnect switches and check meters

Floor Covering

  • Tile installation and repair 
  • Carpet installation and repair 
  • Vinyl, wood, and base material replacement and installation


  • Building Holiday Services – cleaning and/or HVAC
  • Extended HVAC services
  • Other miscellaneous installations (i.e. keyboard trays, etc.)
  • Touch up painting services

Pest Control

  • Integrated pest management

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • Preventive maintenance programs for retail equipment
  • Preventive maintenance for supplemental/ computer room units
  • Supply and exhaust fan maintenance and repair
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Maintenance of air filters
  • Air and water balancing
  • Eddy current testing
  • Installation and relocation of thermostats


  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain and grease trap maintenance
  • Faucet repair or replacement, i.e., hands free/automatic bathroom systems
  • Supply lines for coffee or ice makers
  • Water filter replacement for water purification systems (drinking water, coffee, and ice makers)
  • Fixture and appliance replacement 
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of hot water heaters, dish washers, and garbage disposals 
  • Drinking and decorative fountain repair 
  • Backflow prevention, testing and repair
  • Installation and replacement of check meters